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Ubisoft won’t make new games unless they can build up a franchise

Operating on the idea that the market currently runs in a "blockbuster world," Ubisoft will not develop a game unless they feel they can build a franchise on it, according to a recent interview with senior vice president of sales and marketing Tony Key on A List Daily. Key said that last fall's Assassin's Creed 3 included the largest marketing campaign the company has ever launched, but that it "doesn't fee ...

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New Console Automatically Generates Games

Gamers crave challenge, unlimited game content, low cost games, and high quality games that won’t put them in the poor house!… Each OTON premium unit will ship with a built-in laser projection technology that allows gamers to project their custom game environments on any wall surface. The Star Trek holodeck is finally here!(Sort of!) Imagine requesting OTON to create your own personal simulated game environ ...

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