Alto’s Odyssey Tips and Tricks

Alto’s Odyssey is the sequel to Alto’s Adventure and just as much fun and beautiful.

If you’ve already played Alto’s Adventure then you already have an idea of how the game works and should hit the ground running, so to speak. There are some new elements, but the basic game mechanics remain the same.

The most important trick to learn is the backflip. It may only earn you 10 points but it increases your speed, helps link combos and stay ahead of the lemurs.

As soon as you hit level 11 you should switch to Maya. She’s the most versatile character, not the fastest but perfectly agile enough for your needs as you progress through the game.

Collect coins to purchase the coin magnet so you can collect even more. As soon as you can, buy the Wingsuit and then you’re flying. Literally.

This is just a basic beginner’s guide for those probably unfamiliar with the original Alto’s Adventure and wanting a little help getting started. We’ll follow up with a more adanced guide shortly.