Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost event returns

Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost event is back until 7th November.

During this free in-game event, players will don masks and collect treats by completing challenges in Haunted Sectors throughout the system.

This year’s treats include the new Acosmic Legendary Grenade Launcher, community-chosen insect ornament sets, Eerie Engram drops, an extra layer of challenge (and loot) in Legend Haunted Sectors, and additional rewards available with the Festival of the Lost Event Card.

Guardians can complete Event Challenges while wearing their masks to earn tickets. Then they can upgrade their Event Card to spend those tickets for even more treats. This year, new matchmade Legend Haunted Sectors are available for those looking for a challenge and more rewards.

Using Eerie Engrams earned in Haunted Sectors, Guardians can then use Hocus Focusing with Eva to conjure the specific event weapons they desire. The engrams can also be focused to drop Exotic armor from any Destiny 2 expansions players own. Eva has other treats for Guardians to earn during the event, too, including the all-black Festival of the Lost Memento for crafted weapons.

This year was the first time the Destiny 2 community was able to vote for each individual class armor ornament sets for the Festival. The winning sets were a spider theme for Hunters and Titans and a beetle theme for Warlocks. Players can catch these creepy-crawly ornaments at the Eververse store, to celebrate the spooky season in style.