Diablo 4 – Season of the Malignant gameplay trailer

Season of the Malignant is coming to Diablo IV on 20th July.

Unfortunately, Blizzard have announced that players will need to create a new character to play Season 1.

Associate game director Joe Piepiora explained that the goal is to recapture the feeling of levelling a character from scratch and developing their build.

“We think that moment of elation, of a drop occurring that you’ve been hunting for, is such a huge deal,” he said. “It’s difficult to replicate that feeling endlessly with a character.

“We don’t want to have this feeling where you feel you need to play endlessly to stay abreast and afloat of everything that’s happening in the game,” he explained. “We don’t want you to feel like you’re being really left behind.

“These seasonal releases are opportunities for players to rejoin at a fresh starting point with friends, to experience new content — of going through the journey of making a new character, and trying a different playthrough.”