Download Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail benchmark software now

The newly released Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail official benchmark software for Windows is now available for download.

Featuring new in-game areas, enemies and more showcasing the exciting additions to come with the expansion alongside the first graphical update for the game, the benchmark software gives players a chance to test their computer’s ability to run the game ahead of launch on Tuesday 2 July.

The benchmark software offers users the ability to create a character, or import an existing one, to be featured in the benchmark’s real-time cutscenes.

In addition to the existing playable races in the character creator, users will be able to create female Hrothgar: a new playable race debuting alongside Dawntrail.

The appearance data of characters created using the benchmark can also be saved for use in the Windows version of the game.

Full details and download instructions for the official benchmark can be found here