Facebook to harness Live platform for eSports broadcasts

esports3Facebook is betting big on the future of esports by establishing a dedicated broadcasting service through its Live platform as it seeks to muscle in on what has become a multi-million-dollar business.

The social media giant is reportedly in talks with Super Evil Mega Corp, developer of mobile hit MOBA Vainglory, to stream professional matches on the service for the first time.

This follows a concerted push by the social network to grab a toe-hold in the industry, with it also said to be locked in talks with Activision and other publishers to secure the rights to stream their own competitions.

This follows Activision’s attempts to grow audiences for its Major League Gaming TV channel by entering into a partnership with Facebook.

Of course, talk and action are two separate things and whether any of these initiatives will come to pass remains to be seen.

Facebook is not alone in its pursuit of esports glory with Sony, Twitter and Yahoo all pushing for a slice of the action.

via The Drum