German football club creates FIFA eSports team

schalke-esportsA month after acquiring a professional League of Legends team, FC Schalke 04 are now introducing their very own FIFA squad.

Team leader Joshua Begehr is a former FIFA world champion and multiple European champion for SK Gaming and will develop the project by bringing two promising players with him: From now on, six times German and Austrian Championship winner Mario Viska will be playing for the royal blues. Youngest team member will be Cihan Yasarlar, who was born in Berlin and already won multiple titles throughout his first year as a FIFA pro player.

“Being able to realize a project of this scale together with FC Schalke 04 is a dream come true for us,” said Begehr. “The passion for sports and football is what unites us. We aim to create a strong community that turns over a new leaf for FIFA Esport and brings it to the next level. FC Schalke 04 is the perfect partner to achieve that.“

Tim Reichert, Head of Esport, FC Schalke 04 added: “One month ago we set sails for a long-term commitment. Today we go one step further with FIFA. FIFA offers us a lot of opportunities to get in touch with the German Esport scene, which is why we hope for a broad support by the fans. We will proactively work on that by hosting regular community events such as boot camps or meet&greets with our players. Our long-term goal is to set new standards for the public perception of Esport.”