Get your hands on the Pokemon GO Strategy Guide

Pokemon-Go-Strategy-Guide-CoverEveryone is playing Pokemon GO, but you need guidance if you are to catch ’em all!

Thankfully Tap Guides have come to the rescue, with the Pokemon GO Strategy Guide – an in-depth eBook for iPhone, iPad and Mac, packed with all the info you’re going to need if you want to become a Pokemon master.

Learn the basics, from how to get started to capturing Pikachu as your starter Pokemon. You’re also going to want to know how to discover PokeStops and all the items you’re going ot need to purchase there in order to heal and feed your Pokemon, catch more and boost your XP.

Learn how to incubate and hatch eggs into even more kinds of pokemon, some of them rare! You’re also going to need to know the best ways to battle and conquer Gyms, from finding the closest one, joining a team and battling like the best of them.

The eBook also includes some great tips and secrets that will save you hours and days trawling the web for.

If you want to hit the ground running with Pokemon GO then this is the book for you! Catch it on the iTunes store for only $2.99.