How to solve the Animal Crossing: New Horizons May Day Maze

May Day is celebrated in Animal Crossing: New Horizons from May 1st to May 7th.

In order to take part in the May Day Maze event you must first visit Residential Services and talk to Tom Nook, who will tell you that he’s got a special May Day special ticket waiting for you at Dodo Airlines.

Head down to the airport then tell Orville that you want to fly and then select ‘Use May Day Ticket.’ He’ll take all your items from your pockets then fly you to a maze island where you will need to make full use of all the available items scattered around.

The shovel digs up the shrubs. Fill in the holes and clean up after yourself.

Eat the fruit you pick up to allow you to smash rocks and trees with your shovel.

There is also a worn axe to pick up which can be used to chop down one tree before breaking.

There are little gaps in the maze which can be jumped across by continuing to walk.

You will also find the materials to make an axe, as well as the DIY recipes needed and a workbench.

At the end of the maze there are bell vouchers to collect, plus Rover the cat. After a quick chat he will give you a gift – a briefcase.

Before you head home take a wander around the outside of the maze where you will discover more bell tokens.

If you ever find yourself lost or stuck in the maze, then use the Rescue Service app on your Nook Phone to bring you back to the entrance.

Good luck and enjoy!