Introducing Paragon: The New Dawn

Can’t see the video? Watch it here!

The New Dawn update is now live in Paragon! Jump in and try out the brand new systems including new Items, new Mastery, new Balance, and more!

The New Dawn brings an entirely new way to build your Hero. Devastate your enemies with 100 brand new cards. Explore the new Gem system to augment your Hero’s stats and unlock unique effects. Level up your Hero from anywhere on the battlefield. With an unlimited variety of power, how will you use it?

Universal decks
Affinities are now tied to decks, not Heroes, so you can use your same deck with any Hero. Explore the styles of each affinity and choose what type of deck you want to build.

Unlock more abilities
Level up your Agility, Vitality, and Intellect to activate Gems, a new addition to the Item System. Choose and slot six total gems to increase your stats and get unique effects during the match to use alongside cards.

PVP power up
You can now level up your cards by collecting duplicates. With each level gained, the card increases in power. Players in Co-Op & Solo vs. AI can use their leveled up cards and show off their collection. Card art changes as it levels up, with the Foil version unlocking at level 10.

Iggy & Scorch upgrade
Iggy & Scorch were both outcasts and survived in the deserts of Zechin with nothing but each other for help. When they were kidnapped by mysterious “metal-men” and flown to Omeda, they crashed the ship and escaped out into the desert – which was perfect for them. They stole their weapons from a junkyard run by Drongo. Iggy & Scorch’s ability set has changed from top to bottom, sporting new Turrets, a new attack (From Scorch!), and an ultimate that doesn’t require close combat. While Iggy is a well loved hero responsible for many great videos recently, we’re happy to finally have him in a state that realizes the dream of a turret hero.

Mastery rework
More Rewards. More Levels. More Mastery. We’ve reworked the Mastery system and raised the 10 Rank cap to 99 for each Hero. A Rank is made up of 10 levels, with each level being just a few games away. New rewards have been added to Ranks like Rival skins, Hero banners, new taunts, and crowns! You’ll keep any rewards earned from the previous system and continue with the same amount of experience. Crowns are a new cosmetic that let’s you show off your Hero level while wearing any skin!

Attack faster
Yes, that’s right. We have increased the attack speed and reduced cooldowns of all Heroes. This change embraces the level of immersion we set out to create with the launch of Paragon. Basic attacks and abilities feel snappier and more responsive. Early game lethality is lower as a result of the attack speed updates.

Balance rebuit
The entire gameplay balance has been rebuilt from the ground up. This means that every Hero (and tower, minion, etc) has new baseline stat attributes, and old numbers are no longer comparable. With that in mind, no numerical changes are included in the notes below. Check out our updated Hero pages to see your favorite Hero’s new stats. There are changes to how Critical Strike works, the mana regen formula has been altered and we’ve added support for armor to go into the negative, increasing the damage you can inflict on your foes. All these changes and an entirely new economy have made for a better gameplay experience!

Rampage returns
The king of the jungle has some new toys at his disposal which reiterate his health regen and add a new focus on sustained damage.

Grux Box banner event
Sometimes, a bug can be a work of art! Earn the oft-memed, never forgotten Grux Box banner by completing 10 matches of Solo, Co-Op, or PVP games from 8/8 to 8/21. And for those of you who crave the upgrade, get the Deluxe Grux Box banner by completing 25 matches during the same period. This is the first banner created by a community member and incorporated into Paragon – thank you Sneaky Paragon brothers.

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