Is Activision the Most Evil Company in the World?

It’s a statement I’ve heard made in this very office, among other gamers, at Gamestops, in bars, at industry events, on blogs, in tweets — Activision is the most evil company in the world. Or at least something along those lines.

So I thought, what better way to get The Gold Standard shut down than to investigate that very question? I mean, have you (a person who has probably at some point uttered disdain for Activision) stopped to really analyze the company’s position as the most evil around? Probably not. But you probably should.

Figuring out if a company is evil (and in fact one of the most evil around) isn’t that easy. Sure, if you want to be lazy about it, you can just cast a stone and say Activision is the bad guy. But I like to analyze first, throw stones second. So let’s see how Activision stacks up against some other evil companies…


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