LA Noire Official Strategy Guide

Not all games need guides, but LA Noire is one of those titles that you don’t just want to finish, but you want to complete. The gritty, crime adventure set in 1940’s Los Angeles has not only 21 cases to solve, but another 40 street crimes and numerous unlockables to find on your travels.

Obviously the main feature of the guide is the walkthrough, allowing you to avoid mistakes as you solve cases. This takes a lot of the fun away from the game if you use it from the start, but is an ideal source of reference if you struggle with a case.

A full chapter covers all the unlock able vehicles on the roads of LA Noire. There are 95 in total, including 15 rare hidden vehicles that you’re going to need help finding.

The guide also includes maps of the city, pinpointing all important landmarks and collectibles.

Outfits, film reels, newspapers – there’s plenty of items that need to be found if you want 100% completion. A list of achievements and trophies will help you keep track of your progress.

Bradygames are also offering an e-guide to the DLC for those who purchase the main guide, and if that’s still not enough you can opt for the iPhone app instead at only £1.49.

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