Life After Journey

journeyThatGameCompany’s next game switches from emotional interactions with strangers to play with close friends in the same room.

Journey is something of an enigma in the video game landscape. Perhaps most impressive is its ability to tell a story on its own terms, and remain accessible to a wide audience without defaulting to filmic or theatrical tropes.

Talking to Chen, it was interesting to hear that along with critical success, Journey is also pulling in strong and steady sales. “We made the money back last year, then this year we see royalties coming in. It seems like the Journey sales are not going away.” Many well decorated games struggle at retail after the fans all have a copy, but it seems that Journey is managing to expand its audience beyond the core gamers.

The conversation then moved on to ThatGameCompany’s financing after moving on from the Sony partnership. “We’ve made three games and have completed the contract. So from this point on, we’ve raised venture capital because we wanted to own IP and put it on any platform we want.” Leaving the shelter of any large publisher’s wing is no easy transition, but here it’s a move that also offers new opportunities for ThatGameCompany.

(via The Telegraph)