No Man’s Sky gets big update

Hello Games has responded and released the Foundation Update for No Man’s Sky.

Can’t see the video? Watch it here!

There are now three separate game modes – normal is the original No Mans Sky exploration mode, Creative mode lets players build their own base and Survival mode, which the developers describe as ‘a more challenging endurance experience’ but offer little explanation of what that consists of. We doubt it will involve any multiplayer element to the game though.

Base building will allow players to claim their home planet and build a homestead. You’ll be able to recruit alien life forms to help research new technology and use your base to store resources and rare products. Players will be given the opportunity to become farmers, cultivating crops to provide a steady supply of resources and discover new plant types.

The user interface has been given a lick of paint too, with an intelligent quick access menu, stacking inventory items, the addition of early warning indicators and even the removal of colour tint to smooth out the graphics.

Click here for full patch notes