Pokémon Go Banned in Iran

pikachuIran has outright banned Pokemon Go, apparently for security reasons.

The decision was made by the High Council of Virtual Spaces, which is the official body overseeing online activity. Officials didn’t elaborate on what those security risks were, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it had anything to do with all the other security concerns related to the app, including the permissions and the risk of malware. Officials originally stated that they were going to see how the game’s creators would cooperate with them before making a decision.

While there have been similar bans in other parts of the world when it comes to the game, Iran is the first country to outright ban it.

Also unclear as to what it means to “ban” the app from the country, since people can download it outside and theoretically use it inside. It may be that there wouldn’t be any Pokéstops or Pokémon available, which is the more likely result.

Via Gizmodo