Super Mario Run – Toad Rally Tips

super-mario-run-toadWant tips on how to win at Toad Rally in Super Mario Run?

Toad Rally is the game’s competitive mode where you race against other players to collect coins and pull of moves to impress the toads.

To enter the Toad Rally you need a rally ticket, which can be obtained by clearing worlds, playing bonus games and checking your My Nintendo rewards, then click the red pipe and choose an opponent.

When racing make sure you collect as many coins as you can and double tap whenever possible to impress the toads. Winning the race isn’t the important thing here, but slow coaches miss out on some of the richer pickings in the later areas. At the end of the race your toads and coins are totted up.

Defeating enemies by stomping them in World Tour fills your enemies defeated gauge and levels them up which means when you stomp them in Toad Rally you get extra coins.

Trigger the Coin Rush by pulling off stylish moves and filling the blue bar at the top of the screen. Once active the Coin Rush spawns extra coins and you’re able to suck them up as you run faster through the race.

Don’t forget to follow the arrows in the dotted boxes for maximum coin spawnage.

Impressing the toads not only earns you a higher score at the end of the race but, if you win the race, they move to your kingdom, allowing you to unlock more goodies. But beware – losing races means you will lose toads from your kingdom too!