WESA Announce Adoption of Regulations

The World Esports Association has announced it will adopt a number of regulations, including the prohibition of multi-team ownership, a personal code of conduct, and sanction regulations. The specifics of these regulations, however, are still unknown.

Under these regulations, no team is to be owned by any person or entity which already owns an organisation participating at WESA sanctioned events.

The code of conduct will lay out “the values and principles of WESA and lays down the consequent rules for behavior and conduct within WESA as well as with external parties”.

The sanction regulations will outline the rules and methods for sanctions, and the appeal process. There will be different levels of sanctions, but the exact specifics are not yet laid out.

These regulations follow the formation of a player council in September 2016, with representatives from each team in WESA to represent the players in the decision making process.

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