10 Top Psychonauts 2 Tips

It’s been a while since the original Psychonauts game, but it’s been worth the wait. Psychonauts 2 is bigger, brighter and better. Here are ten top tips to get you started…

  • Levitation is great for getting around in a hurry – not just for movement but also in combat
  • Dodge is your friend in combat and prevents you taking too much damage
  • Utilize the many combat abilities to overcome the different enemies Raz will face in the game
  • Upgrade your wallet as soon as you can – visit the Otto-matic shop as soon as you reach the Motherlobe
  • Gather psitanium by smashing up everything you can – the pyrokinesis ability helps massively with this
  • Get the Mental Magnet Pin which draws items to Raz from a greater distance when collecting psitanium
  • Look out for bonfires – they help you travel to hidden areas
  • Don’t bother purchasing healing items – you won’t need them unless you’re really bad in combat as enemies drop plenty of health orbs
  • Explore your environment – there are many collectables hidden away that will help you as you progress through the game
  • Replay levels – Once you have completed Operation Lady Luctopus you can access the Brain Tumbler in Sasha Nein’s lab and travel to the Collective Unconscious to replay those levels you didn’t have access to earlier in the game