Watch Dogs: Legion tips and cheats

Need some help with Watch Dogs: Legion? Read on…

Infinite money

Find a recruit with the “Signing Bonus” perk. If you do not have one already, find and recruit them to get 300 ETO. Use the Team menu, select the recruit with the “Signing Bonus” perk then go to their location and retire them. To retire an operative, open the Team menu, edit them and choose to retire them. While they are still nearby, select and re-recruit them for another 300 ETO. Then retire them again. Rinse and repeat this process for unlimited money.

Defalt’s hidden mask

To find Defalt’s hidden lair and mask go to the location marked on the map below. Go east of the Millenium Bridge. Go to the area marked on the map at 2am then enter the tunnel at the brick building with a ladder leading into the water. Jump down and examine the locked wooden gate near the water — this gate can be interacted with and opened at 2am. In the dungeon below, you will find a bunch of mannequins. Interact with the crate under the desk where the mannequin is sitting at the DJ booth – it is located in the back-left of the nightclub. Open the chest to get the Defalt mask.