Bad Piggies Tips and Walkthrough

Bad Piggies is Rovio’s follow up to the hugely-successful Angry Birds, allowing you to play as the cross-eyed green porkers, building vehicles from bits and bobs and travelling across the finish line before it all falls to pieces.

If you’re having difficulty with the basics, here’s a few easy tips and if you’re wanting help getting three stars for each level watch the video…

  • Longer vehicles are more stable than tall ones
  • Weight distribution is key so watch how your vehicle loses balance and adjust accordingly for the next attempt.
  • Umbrellas help you to slow down and fall slowly back to the ground. Click it again to close it if you need to speed up.
  • TNT is often the only way of getting to those far off star crates.
  • Use springs to add suspension to your vehicle on bumpy roads.
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