Battlefield 4 will not support cross-gen saves

battlefield4Battlefield 4 will not let players transfer their multiplayer progress between platforms, including between current and next-gen platforms, DICE has confirmed.

Instead, players’ career and multiplayer progress will be restricted to each version, “similar to Battlefield 3”.

Responding to a question on Twitter asking whether players would be able to transfer their multiplayer rank from the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 4 to the Xbox One version, DICE responded:

“No. Each platform is treated like a separate career, similar to how it works in Battlefield 3.”

There’s no support for cross-gen play, either, meaning current-gen users will not be able to play with next-gen players and vice versa.

The news will come as a disappointment to those hoping to start their Battlefield 4 multiplayer career on current-gen before jumping onto next-gen platforms.

It’s also somewhat of a surprise. Earlier this week, EA announced that current-gen FIFA 14 players would be able to transfer their Ultimate Team progress and items onto next-gen versions. DICE also suggested it was working on something similar during E3.

(via Videogamer)

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