Brigade 2 Engine Blows Most Modern-Day Engines Out Of The Water

So, you thought that the Agnis Tech Demo from Square Enix looked great? Well wait until you see the latest images from the Brigade 2 Engine. Hayssam Keilany, the modder behind iCEnhancer, has shared some new images from this engine that will make your jaw drop to the floor. In all honesty, these are by far some of the best, real-time, visuals we’ve ever seen. According to Keilany, the images are from an engine they are working on with his company and it’s a ‘real-time path tracer.’

According to OTOY’s graphics developer, Samuel Lapere, a demo has been showcased at Siggraph and was rendered with real-time path tracing at 1280×720 resolution at 60 fps, and was running in OTOY’s cloud with post processing.

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