DayZ Standalone Alpha Release is almost here

dayzAccording to DayZ creator Dean “Rocket” Hall, the standalone alpha release of DayZ is almost here.

“It’s very, very, very close,” said Hall. “We need to get it out because we need feedback on the systems we’ve designed.”

The game will launch as a paid alpha, then as a beta until its final release. DayZ Standalone is aiming to fix everything that is wrong with the mod for Arma 2 and will add new exciting features.

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  1. DayZ Standalone Alpher is OUT!!!! The wiki has now been switched over
    to concentrate on the standalone! Make sure you incorporate details
    to DayZ Standalone Wiki to help make this as fantastic of a wiki as the one for the mod!

    DayZ Standalone is the significantly hyped comply with-up to
    the DayZ Mod produced by notorious recreation developer Dean Rocket Hall.
    On fourteen August 2012, Rocket declared that DayZ would turn out to be a
    standalone sport[1] that does not require Arma II. Development of the standalone edition was headed up straight by Rocket, in conjunction with Bohemia Interactive, the publisher of ARMA II.
    With this announcement, Rocket turned the mod version of DayZ more than to the neighborhood
    for ongoing improvement. Some of the major ambitions for producing the standalone
    ended up to resolve bugs and avoid hacking, two issues very challenging to do below the prior ARMA II architecture.

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