Diablo III on consoles remains a possibility

Will they or won’t they? Blizzard has once again teased the prospect of Diablo III on consoles, although a release at any stage in the near future seems unlikely.

“We’re still kind of exploring it,” Blizzard’s chief creative officer Rob Pardo told Polygon. “We’ve got builds up and running on it. We’re hoping to get it far enough along where we can make it an official project, but we’re not quite ready to release stuff about it, but it’s looking pretty cool.”

The official line, however, remains that the company is only “exploring console options”.

The idea of a console version of the dungeon-crawler was first touted by Blizzard back in November 2010. In March 2011 the studio admitted to MCV that it was actively pursuing the idea.

(via MCV)

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