Doom Cheat Codes

doomCheat codes for Bethesda’s 2016 reboot of Doom…

Hit ‘ctrl+alt+~’ on your keyboard to bring up the developer console then use one of the following codes:

iddqd – Toggles God-mode (doesn’t apply to environmental hazards). Causes Health to slowly drain at all times on Nightmare Difficulty.

idkfa – Gives player fully upgraded Health, Armor, and Ammo Capacity, as well as all unlockable Weapons, maxed out Weapon mods and all available Suit slots and mods.

idfa – Gives player fully upgraded Armor, Health, and Ammo Capacity.

idka – Gives player all Weapon Mods, Weapons, and Weapon Mods are all fully upgraded.

ida – Gives the Doom Marine all Suit Mods and all Suit Mod slots.

iddt – Reveal all Secrets, items, and any unexplored areas of the map.

idgk – Toggle Glory Kills only. This makes enemies immune to gun and explosive fire. You’ll need to use the Glory Kill finisher system to eliminate them.

But be aware – you’ll be flagged up and won’t earn any Steam achievements!

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