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dragon-age-inquisitionThe third installment of Bioware’s fantasy action RPG is upon us and the battle to save Thedas has begun. Become the Inquisitor and live the adventure shaped by the decisions you make. Can you lead the Inquisition to glory and restore order in a world shrouded in darkness?

There’s a whole range of different creatures to overcome in the game, from undead to demons and lots of different factions across the world that you may need to fight. The big creatures have targetting points to enable you to attack specific part of their bodies, take out their legs or attack the vulnerable head. There are some very cool weapons in the game, with some very interesting abilities and lots of cool spells.

Choose from one of three classes – warrior, mage or rogue – and one of four races – human, dwarf, elf or qunari – then follow your talent tree to specialise in the style of your choice, from archer to dual wield daggers for example, to customise your character and be who you want to be in the world.

Player choice dictates combat in Dragon Age Inquisition and every encounter can be approached in a multitude of ways. If you seek action then lead from the front wielding daggers, powerful warhammer or devastating spells. Customise your party in advance, setting preferences for specific abilities, or pause time with the tactical cam to issue commands in the heat of the battle, instructing your allies to attack specific targets, moving to designated points, defending an area, reviving other party members or using potions or elixirs. Each encounter, whether it be with swarms of demons or towering dragons, will take the full force of the inquisitor and their party to overcome.

With a huge world to explore, lots of secrets to uncover and adventures to be had, Dragon Age: Inquisition has it all, and is available in stores and online retailers now!

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