Esports league bans YouPorn pro gamer squad

team-ypAs competitive gaming strives for mainstream acceptance, one of the biggest organizations is forcing out a sponsor that specializes in pornography.

ESL (Electronic Sports League) is cutting its association with pro group Team YP because its primary sponsor is the adult entertainment website YouPorn. The organization, which holds tournaments and ongoing pro seasons for a number of games, has enacted a new rule that prohibits any sponsors “widely known for pornographic … or other adult/mature themes and products,” according to an email that ESL officials sent to Team YP. This move comes as a direct order from ESL’s directors in what is a clear effort to purge YouPorn from ESL-backed events despite constant efforts by Team YP heads to separate its esports brand as a “safe for work” spinoff that does no direct promoting of XXX entertainment.

In an email correspondence GamesBeat got its hands on, Team YP made several appeals to ESL and even offered to rebrand in a way that did not refer to YouPorn or even “YP” in any way, but the ESL turned down that offer and solidified the expulsion of Team YP from its events.

This move comes as esports is on pace to generate $463 million in revenue this year. Most of that money comes from sponsorships, and that is certainly where ESL makes the bulk of its cash. Additionally, ESL often works with game publishers to promote their games through tournaments and other competitive events, and the organization told Team YP that some of those publishers draw up contracts that prohibit any participation from pornographic brands.

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