Esports players may soon be recognized as athletes in France

esports-arenaThe French government is proposing a new bill to recognize both esports and players. The move comes after months of criticism over what many viewed as excessive regulation of the esports industry, as well as the country’s Ministry of Sport’s consistent refusal to acknowledge esports as a sport.

The Digital Republic bill, which is being drafted before it is taken to the French Senate, aims to safeguard the organization of competitions, clarify the status of esports players, and help develop the esports industry in France.

If passed, the bill will disassociate esports with gambling and also safeguard organizations running a tournament. It will also recognize esports players as athletes, allowing them to contribute to pension plans, among other benefits. The bill will also use a partnership-based approach with organizers, gamers, and the public authorities to help structure the esports industry in France.

via Daily Dot

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