GTA 5 For PC, Xbox One, PS4 Release Date Tipped By German Retailer

gta-5-girlThere’s been a great deal of talk over the last six months about whether or not Rockstar will make PS4 and Xbox One One versions of GTA 5 available for purchase. Those rumors don’t appear to show any evidence of subsiding, with the latest conjecture suggesting that we could see a release as early as June.

Gaming enthusiasts who took the plunge and replaced their old consoles with a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One have undoubtedly been concerned by Rockstar’s lack of activity during 2014. After an initial flurry of verbal back-and-forth regarding a PS4, Xbox One and PC launch, everything seems to have gone frustratingly quiet in the first quarter of the year. That lack of communication had all but convinced the majority that an updated version of the world’s most successful game wouldn’t be forthcoming. However, when you really want something to happen you end up clinging to any glimmer of hope, which in this instance comes courtesy of a tweet by TECH-NICK from German retailer

Since I was asked: The release of #GTAV for PC, Xbox One and PS4 is expected in June. #rumors

(via Redmond Pie)

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