Heroes of the Storm’s New Ranked Play Seasons Offer Special Rewards

hots-revampAlongside details on some new characters and skins, Blizzard today detailed big changes coming to Ranked play in Heroes of the Storm. This includes the official start of seasons, which will offer players the chance to earn various rewards.

Seasons will last “a couple of months,” though Season 1–starting June 14–may end up being longer than subsequent ones. Over the course of the season, you’ll be able to make your way through the ranks in separate Hero League and Team League modes. Each of these modes is divided into seven tiers, and you’ll be entitled to rewards like gold, portraits, and mounts depending on what tier you reach.

These goodies are handed out at season’s end and can be earned from both Hero and Team League, providing a way to get double rewards. The full list of what you can get is available on Blizzard’s website.

via Gamespot

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