Jetpack Joyride tips and tricks

So you’re hooked on Jetpack Joyride? Well if you’ve played this iOS game by the makers of Fruit Ninja then we’re guessing you arem because its addictive as hell. So if you want a few pointers to improve your game read on for our top five tips…

1. Save up your coins and buy Head Starts, Final Blasts, and Quick Revives. Ignore the cosmetic items like costumes and jetpacks.

2. Use Head Stars every time and try to pick up coins as you zoom through the air.

3. Save Final Blasts and Quick Revives for the occasions when you’re in line to beat your high score. Don’t waste them on bad runs.

4. Stick to the middle of the screen, allowing you the best chance of reacting quickly to dodge obstacles.

5. Pick up Spin Tokens for a chance to get a final boost, or second chance at the end of your run, but don’t take risks in order to grab one.

Jetpack Joyride - Halfbrick Studios

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