Kinect May Act As Xbox 360 Viewing Police

While a Microsoft Xbox TV deal is imminent, the future may include an Xbox 360 viewing police. Microsoft is trying to patent a Kinect 3D body scanner to estimate age and function like an automated parent control.

Worried about children accessing TV, movies or games of a more mature nature? If you don’t have body scanning privacy issues, Microsoft has that covered and could automate parental controls by using a Kinect for body scans that estimate age.

While a pending Microsoft patent submitted in March 2010 doesn’t directly mention Kinect, it does call for a 3D camera which the Kinect uses as a sensor for Xbox 360.

According to the Microsoft patent, there are plans to use the 3D camera to scan a user’s body and digitally measure arm length, shoulder width, torso length and overall height to estimate the user’s age.

A system based upon body dimensions and combined with movie, game and TV ratings could act as a parental control and automatically restrict access.

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