Mr Freeze coming to Gotham City

batman-mrfreezeLooks like Gotham City will be going into a deep freeze sometime this year.

Warner Bros. has updated its Batman Arkham Facebook page on New Year’s Eve with a message saying “all-new story DLC coming in 2014.”

The accompanying image shows an award for the “Wayne Foundation Humanitarian of the Year” that depicts a woman holding up a heart-shaped diamond with shards of ice in the background.

The imagery strongly hints that this new story DLC will center on longtime Batman villain Mr. Freeze.

Batman: Arkham City players may remember that Mr. Freeze, originally scientist Dr. Victor Fries, put his wife Nora into a cryogenic slumber in order to cure her of a fatal disease.

Could the figure be Nora holding up Freeze’s ice-cold heart? And if so, will this DLC depict the tragic beginnings of Batman’s frosty foe?

(via IGN)

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