New Halo 4 modes next week in FFA Throwback playlist

“FFA Throwback offers two free-for-all experiences in one playlist – Oddball and King of the Hill,” confirmed 343’s community manager Jessica Shea. “If you’ve been dominating these modes with teammates, see how the game changes when it’s every Spartan for themselves.”

The FFA Throwback maps are Haven, Adrift, Complex, Solace and Abandon. The modes will support eight players and feature 12 minute rounds. You’ll need to amass 100 points to win on Oddball and 50 to win on King of the Hill.

Shea also released details of the Halo 4 patch released on Monday, which:

Fixed exploit locations on Complex
Fixed exploit locations on Haven
Fixed exploit locations on Ragnarok
Increased daily XP cap
Reduced weighting for Ragnarok in BTB/KotH/CTF
Reduced weighting for Haven in Infinity Slayer and SWAT

“Please note that the map fixes only affect playlists and not on-disc custom game map variants,” said Shea. “We’ll continue pushing out Matchmaking fixes for exploits and glitches on Mondays, and we appreciate those of you reporting those issues.”

(via CVG)

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