Gaming News

Become a Godslayer in Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s new Pantheon event is now live - a PvE boss rush which will challenge all who dare to compete for glory.

Akuma joins Street Fighter 6

Unleash your inner demon when the legendary Akuma joins Street Fighter 6 on May 22.

Lidia Sobieski returns to Tekken 8

Big changes are afoot with Tekken 8, including a second DLC character, Lidia Sobieski.

TopSpin rallies back with 2K25

TopSpin 2K25, a revival of the beloved tennis sim, is now available now on PS5, PS4,Xbox X/S/One and PC.

Deathbound redefines the soulslike genre

Deathbound, the upcoming single player party-based soulslike, will be launching soon on PlayStation 5, Xbox and PC.

Prepare for Smite 2’s Alpha Weekend

Smite 2 will run its first Alpha Weekend from 2-5 May.