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Skyrim speedrunner levels to 80 and kills Ebony Warrior in under 12 minutes

An Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim speedrunner has reached level 80 and killed the infamous Ebony Warrior in under 12 minutes.

Razer Viper V3 Pro is a gamechanger for eSports

Razer has revealed what they believe is the apex of eSports engineering - the Viper V3 Pro

World Of Warcraft: The War Within Developer Chat

As Blizzard prepare to launch World of Warcraft: The War Within in the not too distant future, we get to find out more details on the new expansion...

Baldur’s Gate 4 is coming, but don’t hold your breath

Baldur's Gate 3 was a smash at this week's Bafta awards, but Hasbro aren't in any rush to take advantage of it's success.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice Season 1 DLC drops

Season 1 free DLC update is now available for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Download Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail benchmark software now

The newly released Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail official benchmark software for Windows is now available for download. Featuring new in-game areas, enemies and more showcasing...