Pure Chess makes the first move on PSN

Pure Chess is the first title to be published by Ripstone and aims to reflect the beauty and depth of the widely respected game. Chess is one of the world’s most played, popular and recognised games and to reflect this, Pure Chess was developed with the aid of a chess Grandmaster, the highest title a chess player can attain.

The title aims to appeal to a wide audience with various tutorials to allow beginners to take part, improve their chess skills and become a Grandmaster in their own right. It’s a classic strategy board game which is brought to life with stunning graphics and a series of interactive game modes.

Pure Chess will be the first available chess game for the Playstation Network, and will enable players to experience the popular and addictive game on their Playstation 3 or Vita.

Will you be the next Grandmaster? Find out when it hits the Playstation network on the 11th April 2012.

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