Robin Williams might be coming to World Of Warcraft

robin-williamsIt looks like Blizzard may be putting a virtual version of Robin Williams in World Of Warcraft. The much-loved comedian, who tragically took his own life earlier this week, was a big fan of the game.

In previous interview he talked about his love for Warcraft and how he would build his own custom watercooled PCs in order to play the game.

Because of this, a petition at has asked Blizzard to create a NPC in World Of Warcraft to pay tribute to him. The petition raised over 10,000 signatures and, brilliantly, it looks like Blizzard may have agreed to carry out the request.

It’s not yet clear what this tribute is going to entail, but if the suggestion in the petition is taken on board then it may be in the form of a character who will tell some of Williams’ best jokes in the World’s End tavern.

(via CVG)

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