Sponsored Video: Bruce Lee is back!

The latest trailer from EA Sports reveals the legendary fighter as a playable character in UFC.

Finishing UFC’s career mode on pro difficultly or higher will unlock the martial arts legend for play in the Flyweight, Bantamweight, Featherweight and Lightweight divisions. Alternatively, pre-order your copy of the game for Day-One access.

EA Sports promise that UFC will set a new bar for character likeness and emotion. Every single licensed fighter in the game has been created from high res 3D head and body scans to deliver revolutionary character likeness and authenticity, with new facial animation delivering more expression, emotion and communicating a greater sense of awareness and intelligence.

Every fighter will have changing goals and plans, based on their real-life tendencies and each fight situation. Stop their Plan A, and they will adapt to Plan B or C. Down on the scorecards, look for the AI to end the fight with a knockout or a submission. A smarter opponent equals a more challenging and unpredictable fights.


Until now, simulation of physical contact between fighters was limited to bodies that barely made contact with each other. As a result, they looked and behaved like action figures made of plastic rather than elite athletes. UFC introduces an all-new, full-body deformation system that moves and displaces the fighter’s flesh in real time. For the first time, the strength of every submission and power of every strike will truly make an impression.

Real-time exertion is also addressed, with vein-popping, skin discoloration, muscle flex, as well as signs of fatigue setting in through the course of each round, while more realistic physics-driven movement delivers more realistic action as the overall transfer of energy from the ground up delivers more impactful and believable strikes and takedowns.

The next generation of MMA fighting begins spring of 2014 when the first EA SPORTS UFC game is released for the Xbox One and the PS4.

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