Stumped or pumped? Wii U rumour roundup

There are plenty of people who are foaming at the mouth for Nintendo’s Wii U to be released, mainly so all of the discussion and debate on what the console may be like will end, resulting in people being able to speak from a more experienced point of view.

However, the time for that is at least three months away, so in preparation for the anticipated release of the console, let’s take a strong look back at everything we have heard and seen from the Wii U thus far.

First, back in March, there were the flooding rumors that all next-gen consoles, including the Wii U, would have tech built into the systems that would prevent used gaming. This rumor was and has been shot down by most in the industry. It would no doubt place an uncomfortable barrier between gamers and developers.

Answer? Stumped.

Then, just after the beginning of April, a revealing report of the supposed specs for the Nintendo Wii U surfaced. The article said the system would feature hardware that would surpass the 360 and PS3, controls that still involved motion based technology and a tablet-like controller.

Verdict? Indifferent.


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