Temple Run Tips

So you’ve got hooked on Temple Run but your score is pretty poor? Here’s a few tips to help improve your distance…

Get comfortable – Those long runs can be demanding on the hands and arms. Make sure you’re holding your iPhone comfortably before you begin.

Don’t stress about coins – Forget about coins, stay central and focus on the obstacles if you want a higher score. The coins will come naturally, especially if you upgrade the magnet!

Think Jump – Most obstacles that are designed for you to slide under also allow you to jump over them, while gaps never allow you to slide. So get used to jumping by default and there’s a higher chance of clearing them.

Take a trip – As you get to later levels and the game speeds up you can trip up on purpose to slow you back down temporarily. Do this either by stumbling over a small root or turning when there is no turn to be made (although there must be a side to the path at this point, obviously).

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