The ZX Spectrum is back!

The Recreated ZX Spectrum, the only authorised full-size recreation of the 5-million selling 1980s personal computer, is now available.

Built to the same dimensions and featuring the same 40 rubber keys, the recreated device mimics the look and feel of the original Sinclair ZX Spectrum to an uncanny degree and allows for the first time ever Spectrum games to be played authentically on any screen – tablet, phone or computer.

50 classic Speccy games, including Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy and Chuckie Egg, are bundled with the device at launch, with hundreds more available to download by the end of the year. For those who fancy writing their own games, Spectrum Basic is included too.

But the retro device isn’t just the perfect way to enjoy classics from a golden age in computer and video game history, it can also be used as a standard keyboard either wired or Bluetooth, allowing you to write emails or type documents quickly on your phone, tablet or computer with added retro chic.

It’s also the only keyboard that allows modern fast-twitch action games to played on iOS devices. Even Apple’s own keyboard can’t do this.

All the games and Spectrum Basic are included in an app that runs on your phone, tablet or computer. The app will be continually updated with new games and features, which means that the device is continually evolving.

Powered for hours by just two AA batteries, and featuring totally wireless connectivity, the retro device is truly portable allowing you to play wherever, whenever and on whatever screen you want.

Described by some as the “perfect Christmas present for dad this year”, the Recreated ZX Spectrum is the brainchild of one of the original pioneers of 8-bit gaming, Elite Systems, responsible for bringing arcade classics such as Commando, Paperboy and Bomb Jack to the original ZX Spectrum back in the 80s.

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