Underestimate Nintendo at your peril

wiiuDeus Ex and Epic Mickey designer Warren Spector enthusiastic about Nintendo, says he is currently evaluating potential job opportunities.

The Wii U has struggled thus far, but Deus Ex and Epic Mickey designer Warren Spector remains hopeful that Nintendo can turn it around. Speaking with GameSpot, the industry veteran said betting against Nintendo is an ill-advised move.

“I’ve been pretty upfront about my enthusiasm for Nintendo. I think we need a company that’s dedicated to games. Every time I visit Nintendo, I’m relieved to have spent time in a place where you can just feel how much everyone loves games,” Spector said. “And, really, how many times have people written Nintendo off? I think you underestimate them at your peril.”

Spector also elaborated on his post-Disney life, saying “lots” of companies have reached out to talk since Junction Point closed in January, though he has not yet decided if he’ll return to the industry or not.

“I was exhausted and pretty burned out when [Junction Point Studios] closed. You try working 30 years without a vacation! I kind of got it in my head that I’d stay home until I got bored, whenever that might be,” Spector said. “I didn’t want to go out and look for anything, but I spread the word that I’d talk to anybody who wanted to talk to me–from startup to multinational corporation. I’d listen and if the perfect thing showed up, I’d do it.”

“Honestly, I was kind of hoping nothing that good would show up! Lots of people wanted to talk–very flattering!–and, damn it, there were a handful I couldn’t just reject out of hand,” he added. “So I’m talking to some people and seeing how perfect the opportunities are. You may see me coming back soon. Or you may not. I’m playing it by ear.”

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