Videogame cameos in the movies

From the 80s to the present, here’s a closer look at how videogames have evolved, as seen through the filter of movie cameos…

Unsurprisingly for a film both about and set within the world of videogames, Tron is absolutely packed with references to the then nascent medium. At the beginning, eagle-eyed game nerds can spot all kinds of coin-op cabinets lined up in the arcade belonging to Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) – though notice how he ignores all of them, and narcissistically plays the one he designed instead (that would be Space Paranoids).

The film’s best videogame cameo, though, is surely the one illustrated above. While the evil Sark (David Warner) makes one of his various tight-lipped speeches, Pac-Man’s familiar yellow form can be seen gulping away in the background. If you listen carefully, you can even hear the familiar sirens and gobbling noises which were a familiar sound in 80s arcades.

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