Wii U slower than PS3 and 360

Well-known hacker Marcan, who played a part in hacking the PS3, has found out the clock speed of the Wii U. It’s surprising how slow it is, and I’m actually having troubles even thinking that Nintendo went with something like that. It’s a well known fact that the PS3′s Cell and Xbox 360′s Xenon run at 3.0 GHZ each per core, but the Wii U CPU runs at 1.243125 GHz per core.

“It’s a Three PowerPC 750 type cores (similar to Wii’s Broadway, but more cache),” tweeted Marcan.

One interesting thing he has revealed is that the Wii U is easier to hack, akin to the Wii. He tweeted that they are “calling the WiiU security processor the Starbuck (vs. Starlet on Wii). And it seems to be about equally vulnerable, too.”

He has also revealed the GPU speed of the Wii U, which runs at 549.999755MHz.

Now these are quite lower than the ones found in the PS3 and Xbox 360, and I honestly can’t believe what I’m reading here.

(via GamingBolt)

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