Guild Wars 2 Wintersday Guide

The Wintersday holiday begins in Guild Wars 2 today, with fun and festivities from now until 3 January.

Keep a look out around Tyria for gift boxes containing such treats as weapon skins, tonics and crafting trophies. Also, visit Tixx aboard his airship workshop and help him build each of the five Wintersday toys. Each time you survive a visit, Tixx will reward you with the secret and parts so you can build your very own copies.

December 14th – Winter Wonderland, Snowball Mayhem and Bell Choir
December 15th – Tixx visits the Slyvari in the Grove at 10:00am PST
December 16th – Tixx visits the Humans of Divinity’s Reach at 10:00am PST
December 17th – Tixx visits the Charr in the Black Citadel at 10:00am PST
December 18th – Tixx visits the Norn of Hoelbrak at 10:00am PST
December 19th – Tixx visits the Asura in Rata Sum at 10:00am PST
December 20th – Tixx is Guest of Honor in Lion’s Arch at 10:00am PST

Plush Griffon : 350 Gems
Toy Golem: 350 Gems
Princess Doll: 350 Gems
Toy Soldier: 350 Gems
Toy ventari: 350 Gems

Festive Hat: 150 Gems
Holiday Ear Muffs: 25 Gems
Fancy Winter Outfit: 700 Gems

Weapon Skins
Needle, Cutter, Reach, Shelter: 500 Gems a piece

Wintersday Black Lion Chest: 1/100 Gems, 10/800 Gems

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