Xbox Live strips 11-Year-Old Autistic boy of Achievements

Essentially, moderators at Xbox Live can permanently label someone a cheater if they believe the person has used some kid of shady means to boost their score. The label shows up on the person’s profile tag like a Scarlet Letter for all to see.

They also can no longer earn back achievements.

Julius, an 11-year-old from Edgewood, and his mom Jennifer claim the boy can’t even comprehend the concept of cheating, much less use a program that could hack the system and manipulate his score.

Jennifer has been trying to get answers from Microsoft, and after getting the run-around for a while, she finally got some e-mails from a lawyer explaining Xbox Live’s strip-and-shame policy for people they think are cheaters.

Whether little Julius is actually a cheater or not, we may never know. But somehow he seems a bit too adorable to sink to that level.

Seattle Weekly

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