Guild Wars 2: Halloween Scavenger Hunt Act 2 Guide

For those who picked up the first six books earlier this week…

Book 7 – Gendarren Fields, Ascalonian Settlers WP.
Travel a bit east to get out of town, then north to a big hill with ruins. Near the top, but before the Monument, there will be an arch on you right that looks like it leads off a cliff. Use the Corporeal Field Scan to reveal a Suspicious Location. This will trigger the event Drive Back the Hands of the Accused Thieves. Upon completion, Cashel will appear with Book 7.

Book 8 – Harathi Highlands, Demetra WP, Martyrs Tomb POI.
Follow the stairs all the way to the bottom of the tomb, into a long room of pillars and slightly filled with water. In approximately the middle of the room, you will find a “Statue of Dwayna”. Activating it will force you to /kneel, and spawn an Emissary of Dwayna. Use Etheric Scan, next to the emissary to reveal Fenn. See Book 10 and 11 below, as you might want to do those while you’re close.

Book 9 – Bloodtide, Laughing Gull WP, half-sunken boat to NW.
Use aqueous scan, but no scanning may be needed, just stand around and wait for the haunted door to activate. Kill a large group of monsters including 3 vets – hope you brought friends =) When event completes, ghost appears with with your book.

Book 10 – Harathi Highlands, Seraphs Landing WP.
This one is close and in town. Look for the armor repair guy, and climb the wall stairs just south of him. You will soon see a door on your left for a small room filled with hay bales. He is in the middle of the room. Use the Corporeal scan for a “Suspicious Pumpkin”, click it to spawn the NPC and receive your book.

Book 11 – Harathi Highlands, Arca WP.
Go to the northeast corner of Arca Lake. Stand at the west end of the bridge. Use a Gaseous scan to reveal a ghost and she immediately runs off to the north. Follow her, but not too closely! She will stop and blue flames that do insane damage will surround her. Use the Aqueous scan to reveal buckets of water, and put out all the flames. Only when all are out will she speak to you and you get your book. You die if you are even in the same zipcode as the flames and this one was very frustrating.

Book 12 – Sparkfly Fen, Fort Cadence WP.
Enter the cave to the north. Lots of killing to do but it can be soloed. Head to the back of the cave and use an Ethereal Scan to spawn the ghost (look near the torch). Talk to the NPC and get your book.
Return to the NPC who gave you the scanner in Lions Arch. She will accept all 6 new books and give you a new volume in the mail!

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